Analysis Services

Analysis service offers meaningful and categorized information from anywhere and at anytime. Information can be applied in many applications like in forestry and infrastructure.

The service is based on satellite technology. Satellite data can be enriched with additional data sources like other remote sensing data (e.g. Lidar, aerial/drone photogrammetry,) field measurements and data from open sources. Together with machine-learning, artificial intelligence and developed algorithms the monitoring and analysis provides continuously updating information from the area of interest.

Results can be

  • viewed using Satellio Monitor online web service
  • integrated as part of your system as WMS-layer
  • downloaded in various formats

An analysis example about change detection

Analysis examples about land cover and vegetation index

Ongoing  R&D projects

Shrub Mapping 

Satellio won international ESA bidding, which aims to develop service to detect shrubs interfearing conifer forest growth in the borealis zone. The project with ESA concentrates on shrub mapping. At this point the first results are promising and the estimation is that the service could have positive financial and socio-economical impacts.

Forest Law Enforcement

Satellio is developing enforcement tool in the Finnish Government Spearhead Project. The project aims to develop service, which is used to detect changes in forestry biomass.