Forest Monitor

Imagine, if you could keep an eye on your forest without visiting the area.

Forest monitor is a service which enables monitoring and analysis of forest areas anytime, anywhere. You know what is happening in your forest like location of illegal logging.

The service is based on satellite technology combined with machine learning and automatization. The service offers continuous analysis. Analysis process detects significant changes in the environment. Change detection results include information about type, time, strength and geometry of changed area. The results are provided as cloud service, WMS-layer or they can be downloaded.

Forest Monitor service includes:

  • Continuously updating and interactive view of the area
  • Categorized change detection
  • Image archive from last 24 months
  • Overview about your forest areas
  • Data integration
  • Optional alerts

Forest Monitor service can be used to produce customer specified analysis based on additional data sources such as field measurements.

Change detection about clear cut areas.

An example of available layers on online service

Online web service

Forest Monitor service can be used from anywhere with internet connection. The results of analysis are shown on the most recent interactive map. In addition, online service includes other layers, which support visualization and understanding of results. Information on online service is updated continuously.

Available layers and information are:

  • The most recent image mosaic
  • Analysis layers
  • Vegetation index
  • Date of the most recent image available
  • History archive
  • Overview of the forest
  • Listed and categorized results
  • Downloading and integration possibility

An online service of Forest Monitor



On-Going Projects

We develop our service all the time, therefore, we have on-going projects with ESA and we are part of the Finnish Government Spearhead Project.

Shrub mapping

Satellio won international ESA bidding, which aims to develop service to detect shrubs interfearing conifer forest growth in the borealis zone. The project with ESA concentrates on shrub mapping. At this point the first results are promising and the estimation is that the service could have positive financial and socio-economical impacts.

Forest Law Enforcement

Satellio is developing enforcement tool in the Finnish Government Spearhead Project. The project aims to develop service, which is used to detect changes in forestry biomass.

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