Image Services

Are you interested in some specific target? Do you need time series of some area? Or do you need to stay up-to-date with the most recent view?

Image service offers versatile options to observe from small targets to broader view. It doesn’t matter where the area is located, because images are available from all over the world. Depending on your needs the images can be delivered at any resolution and format.


The satellite image resolution varies from tens of meters to few centimeters. The selection of optimal resolution is based on the application or the use case.


Image service provides not only single images, time series or image mosaics but also continuously updating layers anywhere from the world. By using continuously updating layer you always get as new view as possible. Map layers can be easily integrated as part of your existing systems as WMS-layer or you can view images via Satellio Monitor online web service. Single images can be delivered various formats such as geoTIFF, png and jpeg 2000.

Image resolution examples

Time series about changes in vegetation (Brazil)

True and false color image

Enriched images

Depending on the sensor, images can be visualized, for example, as true color (red, blue, green), false color (red, blue, near-infrared) or using any other channel combination.